What if we told you that there was something that could make you life-changing amounts of money?

That could help you live a healthier, more sustainable life, or even help to diagnose life-threatening diseases?

That something is your
shopping data

  • Point One
    Right now, your shopping data is held across many different retailers, with no ability to connect it.
  • Point Two
    We're here to change all of that with a platform that allows you to own a copy of your data, together, in one secure place.
  • Point Three
    This data can then be used to gain financial rewards, or to donate and support causes close to your heart.
  • Point Four
    It can even give you insights that will help you meet your goals, whether they be saving £££s, eating healthier or shopping sustainably.

Our pilot is now closed!

We’re busy working on the next phase of the app, which will be launching soon. Add your email to register your interest for when we go live.

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